Sleeping Gel Mask 10 ml.
  • Sleeping Gel Mask 10 ml.
  • Sleeping Gel Mask 10 ml.
  • Sleeping Gel Mask 10 ml.

Sleeping Gel Mask 10 ml.


  • Brand: KiSAA
  • Product Code: Sleeping Gel Mask 10 ml.
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The sleep gel mask contains the essence beads that dissolved when touch skin and quickly permeate into skin.

It repairs the skin at night, makes the skin bright and firm, promotes cell metabolism and reduces facial oil.

Sleeping gel mask nourishes the face, leaving it overnight without washing out,

meanwhile it solves skin problems, reducing oiliness.

Smooth skin and gives you a healthy glow skin; the gel is light and refreshing,

essence beats which adds moisture to the skin. the black tomato contains lycopene which is 2-3 times higher

than ordinary tomatoes; the nano whitening factor and vitamin B3 make Skin white; hyaluronic acid, Fucogel,

Platinum Marine Collagen increase skin moisturization and firmness, control oil effectively,

promote skin metabolism, tighten pores, make skin smooth and shiny.

(1 Box 6 pcs.)

1. Pore-Tightening

2. reverse dull skin and bright skin

3. Tightening and lifting

4. Reduce acne

5. Clean, soft and moisturized skin

1. Wash your face thoroughly.

2. Apply the cream over the face and neck.

3. Apply every night before bedtime without washing out

1. Black tomato extract

2. Hyaluronate acid

3. Abutin

4. Collagen